Henry David Thoreau
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Ralph's book about nature and living in it. Immersing yourself in it, studying and writing. This is the story of the two years, two months and two days he spent living on Walden Pond.

This book has inspired the lives of many people and some of them even changed history.

The book is about solitude yet Ralph states in the book often that Walden was on the edge of town and he visited people frequently.


July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862

Thoreau was born in Concord, Massachusetts to John and Cynthia. Henry's father was a pencil maker, a family occupation passed down from his father.

Henry went to Harvard between 1833 and 1837 and studied rhetoric, classics, philosophy, mathematics and science.

Henry returned the Concorde to become a teacher. Henry and his brother John started a school that seemed to work pretty good for a while, teaching about nature and visiting local businesses, as well as the standard school curriculum of the day.

Thoreau loved nature and philosophy, while living in Concord he met Ralph Waldo Emerson. This friendship would impact Henry's life in a way he probably could never have imagined. Ralph let Henry live on his land and even build a log cabin.

The property Ralph let Henry live on was Walden Pond.

Ralph died at the age of 44 from long bouts of tuberculosis. He loved visiting nature and sleeping under the trees for days or even weeks. Some of his sickness is attributed to the cold evenings spent sleeping outdoors.



I have not read this book yet.

Henry's works deeply affected some of the worlds greatest leaders.

Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King were just a few of them.