Paulo Coelho
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The Alchemist

The books starts with a dream that leads to a spiritual journey of a lifetime.


August 24, 1947

Paul was born in Brazil and was 38 years old when he published his first book. Before that he was a famous song writer and had written a few hit songs. His career as a writer has been amazing to say the least. His life is as fascinating as his books.

He took a spiritual quest along the Road To Santiago de Compostela which is a 500 mile journey and after this hike he achieved a self awareness or a spiritual enlightenment.

His fascination with organized religion and ancient mystics has made for a wonderful adventure and learning opportunities. He was driven to Christianity and has found peace in this religion.

Paul has sold an amazing 100 million books. What a feat for a excellent writer as well as a talented song writer.



I personally loved the Alchemist. Paul sounds like such a fascinating person I am definitely going to read some more of his books.