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A Book of Dibbles - stories that inspire the soul.


A dibble is a unique illumination that defies definition. Ever gone cloud riding? Had a meaningful conversation with a leaf? Found peace in a bubble? Communicated without words? Good for you! You're probably a Dibbler, then. Prepare yourself for Angels in human and canine forms, trees dispensing ancient wisdom and a wise rock spouting life energy.




Spirita is the voice In All of Us speaking from Our Soul. Spirita is Twinkles. Spirita is the Twinkle you see when you connect with someone.

Spirita is the Twinkle you feel when you get excited inside or gooey all over. Spirita is the Twinkle you hear when a voice or music or nature communicates in special ways.

Spirita is not a person or a face or a shape or an object to see or hold. Spirita is your Soul announcing your presence and welcoming inspirations. Spirita is Awareness Transformed to Being.



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From the Spirita Collection at TumbleBrush Press.