Thomas Paine
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Common Sense

The Rights of Man and Other Essential Writings

A book about religion and kingdom's, thought provoking American revolutionary thinking at its finest.

Most people don't realize that the American Revolution ended the reign of European dynasties.

One book changed the entire world forever.


January 29, 1737 – June 8, 1809

Thomas was born in England to Joseph and Francis. His father was a corset maker whom later Thomas apprenticed under but this didn't quite work out.

Paine married Mary Lambert in 1759 but shortly after their marriage while following a move to Margate during childbirth she died along with her child.

After a brief military career in 1774 he met Benjamin Franklin in England and Benjamin convinced Thomas to move to the British colonies.

Thomas became known as the father of the American Revolution once the book common sense was released into the British colonies.

He died in New York



I listened to this book on an audio I found at my local library. While listening to this book I imagine myself back in the late 1700s. What were these people thinking, they have been exploited by kings and queens for years. This book egged on the American colonies to separate from their king.

It's hard to imagine we still let a few people control the masses. After listening to Common Sense why are we still impressed by kings and queens or even political leaders.

When do we question are masters, when will we stand up for our true rights, when will we finally realize we are still surveying tyrants and warlords.

Will true spirituality release the hold of power mongers on society.

When will people demands the truth from organized religion. What makes one religion better than the other, a holy book, massive wealth, more servants or more intelligent leaders that continue to convince their servants of their own needs, to think the way they want them to.